Chilli To Warm Your Food And Heart

The chillies have been coming in abundance from my garden and both my father and father in law’s too. They both have generously donated some chillies to our family and when one is greeted with so much delicious green (and some red) spice one must get preserving and preparing. So I made up this yummy and spicy green chilli jam recipe.

Not only is the chilli yummy and fun to add to a meal, but the beautiful chilli holds so many wonderful medicinal uses. Chilli increases blood flow through the body, creating a productive flow within, therefore promoting healing and movement. It removes chill from the body and is a great digestive flushing agent. Topically chilli can be used for aches, pains and fast healing.

I find the chilli such a visually spectacular plant to photograph and have around the garden. And now as Autumn settles in it is nice knowing there is bursts of warmth available throughout my garden and now my larder stocks ready for the cooler days ahead.

Happy preserving and happy warm hearts…xx

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