14 Easy Vegetarian Recipes For a Balanced Healthy Diet: Family Tested

Here is a collection of easy vegetarian recipes for main meals that are hard-tested on friends and family.

Most of the easy vegetarian recipes are quick dinner recipes that sometimes even can be done in less than 30 min. Some recipes you can get done faster with some clever planning and preparation the day before.

The recipes are an eclectic, international mix of anything I have picked up on my travels, in restaurants or people’s homes, and only those that have made my taste buds very happy!

Easy Vegetarian Recipes


Mushroom Stroganoff

Here is a Mushroom Stroganoff for vegetarians. Delicious, easy, and low-fat!


Vegetarian Spinach Enchiladas with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese.

Serve this lovely Mexican-style dish with a crisp green salad and a cold beer for a satisfying vegetarian meal!


Vegetarian Ravioli Sauce with Tomatoes and Zucchini

This is a quick, easy and satisfying meal for a hectic weekday.


Greek Vegetarian Moussaka Recipe

The traditional Greek Moussaka uses meat, but this Vegetarian Moussaka Recipe is an absolutely fantastic ‘vegetarianized’ variation of the famous Greek Moussaka. It will simply melt in your mouth…


The World’s Quickest Vegetarian Lasagna

This is really a very clever way to get a fantastic Lacto vegetarian lasagna on the table in under an hour. Impressive!


Vegetable Risotto

Creamy, healthy, and elegant. Risotto is easy to make and makes a lovely meal.


Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

There are many ways to stuff a pepper…:) Peppers are made to be filled! This is a healthy and satisfying vegan meal for the whole family.


Vegetable Stroganoff Recipe

This is a very unusual vegetarian Stroganoff recipe- without mushrooms! The red sauce makes it perfect to be served with rice. A very family-friendly dish.


Roasted Vegetable Couscous

Couscous is a very versatile grain/pasta. This is a quick and easy recipe, that is both delicious, nutritious, and satisfying.


Oven Roasted Vegetables And Pasta

Quick, slick, elegant, yummy…what else do you need? Ah, and you get to empty the fridge from all leftover veggies too!


Nut Roast

A nut roast is tasty, filling, and nutritious. Equally good served hot or cold. It gets better the day after too- great leftovers! Packed with protein and appreciated by both vegetarians and meat-eaters.


Vegetarian Meatloaf

Vegetarian meatloaf with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy…mmm! Who says vegetarians don’t want some good old-fashioned comfort food? And who says the comfort food can’t be healthy as well?


Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Here is a vegetarian chili recipe that becomes as hot as you decide. The chili is delicious, hearty, and very satisfying. Freezes well and makes lovely leftovers.


Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

A vegan vegetable stir fry is a healthy, tasty meal that you can do really fast. Serve with rice or noodles, and enjoy!

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